WINTER ADVISORY: Snow removal is not part of the operations of the trail's maintenance.
Please be careful of icy and snowy conditions, if using the trail.

Trail Guidelines

The safety of all trail users is important to the Spirit Trail coalition. Following the suggestions listed below will help every trail user get the most out of their Spirit Trail experience.

Avoid running/walking/biking by yourself

Tell someone when you’re going and when you expect to be back

Bring a cell phone and ID

Carry a whistle and/or pepper spray

Avoid using headphones

Check the weather

Be aware of your surroundings and location

Choose appropriate clothing/footwear

Secure your vehicle

For emergencies dial 911 or *55 from a cell phone.

Helmets Recommended – For your safety helmet use is recommended for all cyclist using the Spirit Trail.

Trail Etiquette - As a courtesy, please notify other users when you plan to pass them from behind. When bicycling, pass on the left. Additionally, when traveling in a group, move to the right when meeting oncoming users.